The Power of Positive for the Small Business Owner

I shared a quote this morning over in the Facebook Group – “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will” – a powerful concept and one that is so true for small business owners.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been riddled with doubt and it is the quickest way to lose sight of your dreams. Doubt disconnects us with the passion we started with and more importantly it disconnects us with our ability to solve problems and challenges.

So – how do we stay positive in our business so that there is the perfect balance between avoiding the crushing negative thoughts and not ignoring any warning signs?

Consider some of the following ideas:

  • Start each day with a few gratitudes – it is very easy to begin each day without thought. that is to say, just start the day by throwing yourself into the jobs list. Although it’s commendable to get going each day, it means we don’t take the time to ‘look around’ us and see what is going well. Perhaps remind ourselves how grateful we are to be our own boss or that we can wear slippers in the office. Use this moment to remember what it was that set you on your small business journey and it wills tart your day with gratitude and a smile.
  • Daily¬†successes – all of us have days which feel negative or disappointing and so counter that with 3 daily wins. It might be that you got through the day or made a new sale or you fixed your website. Name everything – the little stuff does count here.
  • Share your experiences – there’s nothing like the support of like minded business owners. It’s difficult to admit challenges or even mistakes, but sharing the negative can help you find the positive. Networking or a monthly coffee with small business owners is a brilliant way to remind you of the positive & find innovative ways to tackle your challenges.
  • Visualise – when the going gets tough, try to spend a little time visualising where you want to get to. This might help you see the wood for the trees and even kick start a bit of lateral thinking – my daily dog walk is the key for me!