5 Top Visual Content Tips to make your Social Media Sing!

You & I probably read lots of blogs about how to make our social media posting more interesting and, like me, you probably feel that many of them are either really techie or just not that inspiring.

I wanted to bring together some top tips to create amazing visuals that work to inspire your audience and drive them to your business – but without the techie speak or the inaccessible jungle of facts.

Remember that about 90% of all information that gets through to your brain is visual & that visual information is processed in milliseconds. We make a decision on whether we like something instantaneously &, given the pace at which we use social media, we scroll right past those posts and images that just quite make the grade.

Remember that all the tips below will only work if you make sure the subject of your content absolutely tells the story of you & your business – NOTHING else. No random personal posts, nothing out of focus & always, always ‘speaking’ your business story.

So here goes:

  1. Simple photos – the best images are those taken by you or images you are using that are original and provide the essence of your business. To make life easy, use your mobile device to take the image and post it to your social media channels. This ‘real life’ element will engage your audience much more strongly and give deeper insight into your business. It goes without saying that you can’t do out of focus, dark & shadowy, artificially lit with shadows or use someone else’s image without permission. Images tend to get around 90% more engagement than posts without images.
  2. Video – video helps light up a business and immerse your readers into what you are up to. Again, keep it simple and use your mobile devices to take the video and post from. Use this medium to give a tour of your business, share your experience, provide a real life testimonial or even a video of yourself ‘talking your post’ rather than writing it. This powerful option will help your readers build a relationship with you and your business that will last. Top tip – keep it short & use subtitles if there’s spoken content as many people watch video in silence in their timelines.
  3. Words & pictures – known as infographics, adding text to an already lovely image is a great way to anchor the message you are trying to share or to ask your audience to take an action. Think carefully about what you are trying to achieve – inspiring your readers with a quote, providing the ale price of the item in the image or perhaps simply using a hashtag that goes with the image.
  4. Slideshow or presentation – using a simple powerpoint type slideshow takes the above options to the next level as your take your readers on a journey to your desired outcome. This is a great way to show your audience how something is made or how you create the finishing touches to something your sell. It might be a slideshow describing the 3 commitments you have to customer service or a slideshow of a conference or visit your just attended. Top tip – keep it fairly short & add text to make your message crystal clear.
  5. Magic tools – when I started out in business, designing my own leaflet or resizing an image was simply something I couldn’t do easily or for free. By staying up to date with some simple online tools, you can now make a huge difference to your business by creating professional, stylish visual content for free (or almost). I love Canva.com – a free (you can upgrade to a paid version) tool that let’s you create amazing collages, posters, booklets, infographics and more. Picmonkey.com will do something similar. Boomerang is a great little mobile tool that lets your create quick, repeating video social media and works a treat on Instagram. Ripl.com is a popular way to add text onto images and to create slideshows – but you will need to use the paid version to avoid having ‘Ripl’ on the bottom of your masterpiece. For Apple users among you – iMovie is a great, quick and easy tool to use on your phone too.

I hope that some of these ideas have re inspired you to use images to maximum effect in your business. Remember to always start with your story to ensure your content is on point, then practice and analyse what your audience likes best and you will get better everyday.

Happy creating folks.

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