How Headspace can Transform your Business

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I have written about this before – the importance of balance in your business but I have been reminded again about just how essential headspace is this Summer.

I have teenage kids and school and outside school activities are at a peek – I’m not sure we can actually fit anything more into the week. I am also running the Simply business full time. This makes life hectic and non stop. We feel like that we simply take a huge breath at the beginning of each term and hope to come up for air during the next school break.

Enough of my life – the hectic nature of life will apply to you all – teenage kids or not. The reason many of us run our own, indie business is so that we can ‘live’ a life too and that equals full, full lives. How great is that?

However, overload is the flip side to a full life. It is all too easy to become addicted to fast & furious. Many of us business owners only feel settled when we are ‘doing’ all the time. This makes your business move forward right?

Well – partly right. Sure, we need to work hard and get stuff done but actually the nugget of gold often lies in doing nothing. Creating some headspace in your life creates the void into which great ideas bubble & creative lightbulbs flicker into life. It can feel so scary to block that time out. I know….

This Summer, I blocked out nearly 3 weeks in the diary to take some holiday and relaxation time with my family. Scary – & I did have my laptop for the final week….however, it was absolutely needed to help build my reserves for the coming months. Hopefully I will have more energy, clearer thoughts & more creativity as a result.

Although it was just a little terrifying to take the time and I had to work hard to counter the thoughts that somehow my business would crumble overnight without my hourly attention, I know that running a business on empty is definitely not an option.

Here are some more ways to get headspace & reasons why it will transform your business:

  • Start small. Regular, scheduled headspace time is ideal – you don’t necessarily need a big holiday but take a couple of hours a week to read those inspiring newsletters you never get to read or take a walk with a phone to dictate into. This isn’t decadence, this is essential headspace.
  • Dare to take a break. Choose a quiet time in your business to take a proper break. This might be a holiday away or simply some laptop free time at home doing something for yourself – but it is important to really rest your brain. Take a notebook & allow ideas to bubble.
  • Block out creative time. You might want to be more focussed and schedule in some specified creative time. Maybe work with a mentor or trusted/critical friend to draw out a dream board or write out an ideas plan – buy some cake, make a brew, get creative, have fun & see what comes out!