Creating Content to Wow your Audience

Over the last few weeks of a project I have been working on, I have encountered the same challenge for business owners, over and over again.

In a word – content.

Being a business owner always means that you have to be a jack of all trades and you certainly are unlikely to have a marketing department at your beck and call who will create inspiring, engaging content on tap. Creating content for social media, blogs, websites, newsletters and more is a real challenge for many. Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck for ideas?

Although I understand and empathise with the challenge, I also feel that we over complicate it rather. Content is a very loose term that encompasses any information you might share in any medium – an image, video clip, text, poetry, blog, audio ¬†and on and on. It seems to me that what a small business or independent business owner has is all that stuff at their fingertips. As a bonus they don’t have a marketing department, compliance team or boss to run it by first either.

The rich every day of an independent business is perfect fodder for great material. The comings and goings of a shop or cafe or the news and fun in the office is a great start. A personal journey or a business expansion is also a fabulous place to start. This is before you have shared information about your services, products, sourcing, origins, provenance, personality, brand, packaging…….you get the picture right?

So….next month we are going to be working on a Content Bootcamp to help you with many of the stages of creating content. We will cover how to create content that your audience wants to read, see or listen to. We will find ways to do this easily and in a time challenged environment (bonkers days to you and me!) and we will also think about how to turn this content into a strategy that doesn’t sap your energy but in fact boosts your confidence and energy levels.

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