How to Create Winning Blog Headlines

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As part of our Blogging for Business series, I thought it was worth tackling one of the biggest questions that I get asked about how to grab the attention of potential readers….

Well, for a start it is difficult to sum it up in a single blog post and it has much to do with repeated, great, engaging content that gives something to the reader. For readers to return again and again, you need to consistently feed them with inspiring, informative, exciting, spectacular, personal, heartfelt or fascinating content over a period of time. You also need to include great image or video the lot!

Imagine if you did all that work and then nobody read it because your headline was confusing, unclear or dull?

However, we are just kicking off here so here are some key headline ideas to think about when curating your content and when you just setting out on your blogging journey.

  1. Keep it Simple! In a noisy world your blog post really needs to say what it is on the tin. Hit the nail on the head; describe the nub of what you are trying to say and don’t be tempted to add more words. Try with a temporary headline and then write your content before heading back to the headline to see if you can get sharper, clearer or simply re write it.
  2. Explain the Benefits. Why do your readers need to read this blog post? What will they learn or get from it? Describe this in your headline e.g. “The Most Inspiring image of Staffordshire Ever” or “Transform your Photography Skills in Minutes” or “Bake the perfect Scone First Time”.
  3. Numbers and How To. Readers still want a simply break down of benefits in the blogs they choose to read. Listing the top 10 ways to decorate a cake or the best 5 ways to programme a website is very inviting to those searching online. Of course, extend this to some ‘How to” blogs. “How to Best Train for a Sportive” or “How to Set up the Perfect Market Stall”.
  4. Share something Secret. Readers are always attracted to something that they feel they discover. So how about the Secret of Baking a Perfect Scone or the Secret to finding Inspiration for Makers.
  5. Get Provocative. This could be used alongside some of the above e.g. “5 Things Most People Get Wrong in Business” or something more personal “So you want to set up a Small Business – Read this First!”

Everything is trail and error and it is crucial that your blog is authentic so you will find what type of blog post headline works for you best and you can play with that. You may also find that some headlines fall flat on their face. Either way – keep analysing and developing all the time.