So you Think you want to Blog?

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Blogging for Business series….

When speaking with small business owners and entrepreneurs, of often the biggest fear around social media and content is ‘what ever will I talk about?!”. Telling your story as a business is at the heart of great content and sharing that by posting to a blog is a brilliant option. When we talk about blogging, we are sticking to the written version for now….we’ll talk logging a little later in the month.

By writing regularly and consistently, readers/potential customers can simply get to know you as a business. They may get to know your history or what inspires you. They may get a better understanding of your expertise or knowledge. You are building relationships. The beauty of blogging regularly is also that you a creating content snippets that can be shared across all your social media and beyond.

Blogging for many sounds scary, overwhelming and frankly time consuming….so to start our month of ‘blogging talk’, here are some steps for you to get thinking about.

1. Know your Audience: Be absolutely clear who you would like to read your blog – potential customers or existing customers or a specific niche.
2. Write for yourself first: This sounds like the opposite of the above point but having this mindset helps your writing flow and will attract your like minded tribe in time.
3. Give stuff or knowledge away: You want your blog to establish you as the ‘go to” person for knowledge, inspiration or inside story. Be generous with what you share to create loyal readers who return again and again.
4. Be consistent: Be sure to post regularly and constantly so that your audience know when to expect more great content to appear.
5. Post within your website: If you have a website, create your blog posts there. This will update your website and be a tick in the Google box.
6. Always end a post with a call to action: Just at the point when your reader is most inspired and impressed, make sure you ask them to take an action. Examples include “visit my online shop” or “find out more on my website” or “book today to avoid disappointment”.
7. Use you Blog as a way of gathering data: Make your readers your customers of the future by staying in touch. Include a newsletter sign up in your Blog and ask people to sign up for exclusives and news.
8. Be authentic and yourself: In small business, readers and customers want to know the person behind the brand, so don’t be afraid to share your story.
9. Keep it short: A Blog post doesn’t need to be long – your readers don’t have time to read it. Break your content down into chapters and separate into different posts.
10. Grab audience with your headline: Use your headline to entice, invite, wow or maybe ask a question. Stand out in an information heavy world.

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