What’s the Sense in Marketing?

This month is Story Month – a series of blogs & exclusive content & support for Simply members to help independent business to tell their story for marketing & for building brand.

I really feel that small businesses are best placed to share & show stories to help marketing their business and build brand awareness. Not only is this a great way to save budget but also it goes straight to the heart of what an independent, small business is all about. It is about human connection, creating emotion, resonating with audience, building relationships, creating experience and above all using the senses to bring the stories alive.

In a world of way too much information and way too little attention span, us humans are craving more than ever to ‘feel’ something when we scroll through our timelines. We want to be entertained; we want to laugh; we want to connect to what we see and hear.

So how does your marketing bring the senses alive? Are you hitting the nail on the head and creating reaction and emotion?

Here are some ideas for bringing the senses alive in your marketing:

  • People love to be entertained – can you make them laugh or be wowed?
  • Your audience love a happy ending – have you got a customer story that can warm the heart?
  • Inspiration is always a hit – inspire your audience with a great story – a few shed tears is never a bad thing!
  • A quick video of the sights and sounds of your head office – what is it really like in your business? Bring the authentic atmosphere to your audience.
  • Paint a picture – not just a picture of a cake but great words to bring the smell into their imagination
  • Dare to ask a controversial question to get the passions going – NOT political or inflammatory but fun or topical e.g. milk first or second when making tea?!
  • Share something personal about how or why your business is in existence – something that might resonate with your customers.

I hope you see the sense in marketing and let your creative mind go wild!