Super Tips to Tell your Best Business Story

This month we are focussing in on telling story in business. It is all very well talking about marketing techniques or how to best use Facebook but, frankly, if you haven’t got anything interesting to say, then much of this is a non starter.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell.” Seth Godin

What is fabulous about small business and independent business is that story is very easy to come by. You don’t need to sit 20 people round a large table to nail down the essence of brand and then have 10 more meetings to fine tune it. As a small business owner you can very simply tell the story of your business – how it started, what inspired it, who is in the business, where your business is based and so much more. The fact that you have started a small business at all is a story in itself. If you are able to tell it well it will show¬†your customer exactly what your brand is, what you are all about how they might experience you when they buy.

So here are a few super tips to help you tell your story in business

  1. Show, don’t tell – I love this one because it immediately takes the story telling stress away. You don’t need to be an award winning writer, you can simply show your customers how you roll. Regular, small snippets of what your story is is enough to inspire your customers. Use image, video & infographics.
  2. Be honest always – audience and customers love small business for their honesty. Share your mistakes & tricky days. Be brave and wear your heart on your sleeve. This is not a green light for tell all cock ups in the office but perhaps amusing/poignant/real life shares about the passion your business has to continually improve e.g you now have new packaging because your last type couldn’t be recycled.
  3. Tell your customer’s story – there is nothing like a real life experience. Why not tell the story of how an existing customer experiences your business. You might show people how you solved a problem or the feeling the customer had while using your business.
  4. Share life at HQ – this is a great way for your customers to understand how you roll behind the scenes. You might want to share how authentically your source products or you might want to share the people behind the great service you offer.
  5. Tell your story daily – this is really the key. It is great to share snippets of your story and leave people wanting to hear more but don’t leave them too long or someone else will be telling them a better story. Your content needs to be shared regularly and consistently so that readers/customers can look forward to the next instalment and be ready and receptive to hear it.

In our next Blog we will talk about where to best tell your story…..

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