What Every Great Small Business Story Needs

As part of the Simply ‘Story Month’ we are taking a peek at some of the key elements to think about when telling great stories in your business.

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Telling a story in your business is much like telling any story. It needs to have key elements that make it compelling, shareable and repeatable. Your story needs to connect with your readers/customers because ‘people buy your why not your what…” Simon Sinek.

Here are some super tips for getting started on your storytelling journey:

  1. Be authentic – this may sound obvious, but it is so important to remain absolutely true in your storytelling. This will increase your connection with your readers but it will also mean you won’t get caught out down the line.
  2. Don’t be afraid of the ugly – readers love to hear an adversity story, so let your readers know about the tough times, even if it shows that you made mistakes or were naive. By sharing your down times as well as good times, you will make your readers feel at ease and they are more likely to want to be in your ‘gang’.
  3. Get to the feelings – this is not about necessarily bearing your very soul if you are not comfortable with that (or it isn’t relevant!) but it does mean bringing the sense alive. Use language that helps the reader understand at a deeper level.
  4. Use your story as a building block – even the smallest of micro businesses need a brand identity, something that their customers inherently understand. Use your story to build that brand, it’s values and voice.
  5. Don’t finish the story – all great stories leave you hanging on for more. Remember, your business journey is unlikely to be over, so remember that there is more to come.

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