What’s your Story & Do you Tell it?

This week I have been really busy with clients and a little speaking work so this blog post has been swimming about in my head for days.

Every time I work with clients or businesses, the question and challenge that they often talk about is marketing and content. Despite having  amazing businesses, services and products, the big worry is all about marketing and what to say or how to get their messages out there and understood. Many talk to me about fearing what to say on social media. Others are fearful of boring people by being repetitive.

Does this reflect how you feel? Do you feel a constant pressure to come up with great content? Are you concerned that you are only really selling and not connecting and engaging with your customers?

It could be that you need to find the narrative in your business and start to upscale your storytelling skills.

As Richard Branson says, “All entrepreneurs of note are great storytellers”

So, how do you get your storytelling mojo and what does it look like to tell a great story in your business?

Story can take many forms. For many small businesses it is the story of how they have got to today. Sometimes it is the story of how a customer might experience a business or the story about how a product is made or the people in the business.

To help you make a start with your story, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have a great story about how you became a business owner?
  • Did you leave a corporate life with big dreams or have you followed in the footsteps of a family member?
  • Did a chance encounter lead you to a whole new independent life?
  • Think about the people in your business? Do you use amazing local suppliers or work alongside fabulous people that really provide the essence of your services?
  • Have you set up your business in a very special or unusual place that now provides an inspirational backdrop?
  • Do you make something that revives an old tradition, not seen in decades
  • When your customers use your business, do they have a unique and amazing experience that you can share as a story?

You begin to get the idea. Suddenly you are not just someone making sprockets in the countryside but you have an amazing story to tell about how you got to learn to make them, the brilliant stories you can share about your journey to market, how your local suppliers make your sprockets the best in the world.

Once you have the beginnings of a great story, you can weave story elements into every post, blog or video. You can begin to share your story with customers and you will see that you make an amazing connection. Your experience may entertain, inspire, engage or resonate with customers who are now more ready to buy.

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