A delicious recipe for Social Media Mojo

You know that feeling when you know you haven’t really posted any content on your Social Media platforms for a few days. It’s a grey day and you are behind with your book keeping and a large invoice is yet to be paid? The dog threw up and you are due to meet a client in an hour.

You know that you should have posted something on Facebook about your upcoming event or tweeted about your new product. You are simply staring at the screen waiting for inspiration and something mildly amusing and engaging to say.

You decide you’ll be quick, so get out your phone but the image you wanted to use is blurred. You know it’s rubbish but you haven’t got time to improve it. You remember you need to tag in that business but you can’t remember their twitter handle or it won’t even tag them on Facebook. You then remember you had better share it to Instagram – but how?!

We have all been there. That moment when you frankly have nothing scintillating to say, your images are pants, you feel clammy and stressed and know that shouting at your device is pointless but you do it anyway. Meanwhile you notice that a local business you admire has just posted the prettiest picture ever with a groovy hashtag that is getting them  a ton of likes, loves and comments. B***er….

What is required at this point is some love & a great recipe. A little time out when you can gather the gorgeous ingredients you all have in your cupboard but have forgotten in the fog. You need to tap into your inner Nigel Slater and simply, carefully, but with real love put these ingredients together to make something delicious. It doesn’t have to be gourmet or Michelin starred to be tasty or satisfy. It can be very seasonal, simple and quickly cooked….but it will be magic on the tastebuds.

Social Media Mojo Recipe

Social Media Mojo


A couple of great social media platforms that you & your customers like
A device that you can use (mobile, tablet or laptop)
Some good quality, free range ideas about what your customers love
A selection of handpicked phrases about how lovely your business is
A good dollop of yourself or essence of your business
Several tablespoons of great images of your business, products or services.
A light sprinkle of well chosen, relevant hashtags
Seasoning to taste


Preheat your office chair and line your table with a good notebook and sharp pencil. Ensure that the atmosphere is quiet. Start by adding your platforms to your device and allow to develop as you get to know your customers and how it works. Start to bring together your ideas ensuring you only use the best quality ones that will match your customers and platforms.
At this point you can add in your essence and phrases and start to mix gently. At this point add as many images or videos as you like according to taste. Sprinkle over a few, well chosen hashtags  and season to taste.
Bake at a medium oven, nothing too fierce or hot but not so cool as to not cook through. It is important to check on your mojo regularly as some will cook at different rates to others.
Good luck and enjoy!

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