The Art of Staying Positive

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Being positive is often dismissed as a wisp of smoke that you might pass through occasionally – if you’re lucky. You can’t grab it or keep it so we must just be grateful for when it passes us – right? Often it is easy to assume that feeling positive is a result of what has happened to us – outside influences – but I believe that what we hold inside can be the greatest influence in our lives. Clearly life will throw us all disasters, heartbreaks and sadness but learning the power of conjuring up your own positive will always, always be beneficial.

Positivity is something, I have come to realise, that you have to be active about, work on and stick to. Nurturing positive into your life is a skill to learn and practice. You can make very subtle but powerful changes in your everyday life to bring it about so that it sticks around, stays with you and comes back much more quickly after a blip.

Obviously, being positive is vital if you are running your own business. It is totally key to getting up in the morning and striding forward to tackle the day. To attract customers, to offer great service, to find the energy to create new products, to market successfully, we need to be filled with the positive. If we try to do these things out of fear or negative feelings around money, lack, tiredness and work, then we will hit a brick wall very quickly.

I thought I would share some of the ways I use to nurture positive into my life and business and I would love to hear how you do that too.

  1. Nature – the power of fresh air, nature and peace is crucial to feeling positive. I walk every day, come rain or shine, to ensure I get a nature fix. It brings new perspective, a clarity of thought and often a splash of inspiration. On bad days, it is simply a comfort which is positive enough.
  2. Choosing the people around you – it is really important to understand the effect of those around you have on your day. Are they supporters or detractors? Are they a glass half full or half empty? Be aware of negative thinkers and make changes because they will suck the very positivity you have nurtured right out of you. Surround yourself with believers, forward thinkers & supporters.
  3. Limit your hype dose – I use social media every day for my business & it is very easy to get sucked into a vortex of controversy, anger and dispute – not my gripes, but those of everyone around you. I have often got pulled into a post about a current political injustice or a terrible news item and it leaves me feeling helpless, frustrated and foggy. Take care to focus on your work and time your activity so that you can avoid being sucked in and absorbing all the negative.
  4. Practice self assessment – when we were employed, many of us would have had regular manager meetings or appraisals to help us look objectively at where we were or what we had achieved. Not so easy for a business owner! Take time to look around you and assess. Write down the positives that you have achieved and pin them on your noticeboard. It is human nature to focus on what went wrong in the day – this allows you to be reminded that you do great stuff too!
  5. Nutrition – I am no dietician but it is abundantly clear to me that if I drink too much caffeine I am exhausted by 2pm and I feel anxious and jittery. I made a change – one cup of Yorkshire in the morning and decaff for the rest of the day! You are the single biggest asset in your business so look after you like you would your expensive kit/laptop/car. If you are stressed, sick or suffering then you are doing yourself and your business a disservice.

I wish you a happy and positive day and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on staying positive in your business & life.

Emily xx