Micro Business Matters Day – 13 top tips…

I met the fabulous Tony Robinson OBE (author of Freedom from Bosses Forever) some years ago when he was inspiring a room full of micro businesses in the Peak District. Co founder of Enterprise Rockers, Tony is also the co founder of #MicroBizMattersDay – a day to celebrate the power and impact of micro business owners (13th January 2017).

To make my little contribution as part of this years #Igave13 campaign, here are 13 tips for marketing your micro business…

  1. Find your passion – this is not a joke – ensure that the business you are in will make you a beautiful life. This might be financially, for work/life balance/for the love of what you create – just ensure it’s right for you – love will shine through your marketing.
  2. Know your customers like a best friend – their loves, worries, where they shop, how they live, what annoys them etc.
  3. Know what your customer’s challenges, problems and pressures are – and solve them.
  4. Use empathy always – no┬ásleazy, corporate tactics here – this is your authentic business understanding their customers from their point of view.
  5. Tell your story – the power of micro is the power of you. Your customers will connect more easily with you and your business if they know why you do it, where you started, how it fulfils a life long dream etc.
  6. Build long term relationships with your customers and avoid the high value, quick win without due care and customer service.
  7. Sell your Why not your What (see Simon Sinek on YouTube for more) – ok, so it’s important that customers know your widget can do x,y & z but WHY it will change their life is the reason they will buy it.
  8. Only market where your customers are not where you think you should be – sounds obvious but in a world of social media, it is better to focus on a couple of platforms really well than spread yourself too thin because you feel you should.
  9. Be consistent and persistent – this is the long game. You don’t have millions to spend on marketing, you have to just keep at it every day.
  10. Get creative and make your marketing visual. Remember number 4 and how busy your customers are? A single fabulous image or video clip could be all the connection you need to make someone a customer.
  11. Build a content diary – this will be a golden ticket when you lose your way and focus (we all lose focus some time!).
  12. Learn all the time – the world is changing all the time so read blogs, go to training, get some support and stay ahead.
  13. Network…person to person, on social media, it doesn’t matter but what does matter is that you are connected with other micro businesses to stay inspired, do business and be part of something.

I hope some of those are helpful and check out #microbizmattersday and #Igave13 on Twitter.