3 great ways to rock Christmas for your Business!

Christmas is an exciting time for many and can be a fabulous time for business – a real time to make hay while the sun shines (or whatever the winter equivalent of that is!). However, Christmas can be a huge challenge too – especially for small and micro businesses. It can be your most busy time of year but also the time of year that requires the most marketing. It might be a time of year that goes quiet because your business clients are busy with their own Christmas chaos. It is a time when you need your voice to break through the din and be heard.

Over at Simply HQ, we have developed a Christmas Campaign “Simply Festive”, to support our member business to make the most of their marketing opportunities. We have created a campaign using #SimplyFestive, that resonates with our readers (the ideal customers for our members) focussed around buying local, slow food, artisan, handmade, foodie, seasonal, nature centred etc. Our members can piggy back onto this campaign – knowing that we will ‘keep things going’ while they busily chase clients, sell produce and package parcels. In the meantime we are promoting the magic of our membership to the ideal customer base.

If you want to make the most of Christmas this year, here are 3 great ways to start to rock it!

  1. Get Organised – the Christmas run up comes and goes in a flash! Colour code your diary today to ensure that you know exactly what you are promoting each day and how you are going to do that. If you are doing customer service every day – schedule in time to market every day too.
  2. Schedule – although I am not a fan of over scheduling social media posts because it reduces human contact – now is a great time to schedule to plug the gap in your marketing. Spend an hour to sit down and schedule key posts throughout the Christmas run up e.g. last ordering days, a special offer day, reminders of your stock or service.
  3. Plan for the New Year – this might sound bonkers but if things are quiet now then you need to fill your diary for January now so that customers and clients are committed to your meeting in the New Year. If things are busy, busy, busy, then you will be spat out on Christmas Eve exhausted and with no clear plan for January….know you direction even if you are having a few precious days off.

To find out more about how we work collaboratively with out member businesses to create a collective message and help them this Christmas…head over to our Simply website.