4 ways to make the most of the new term….


I have to admit to a slight sense of unreality at the moment. The weather was gorgeous last week, so much of my brain is in the summer still….something that caught me out over the weekend when I tried to wear summer clothes to watch football…what was I thinking?!┬áThe other part of my brain is already fully into the new term, the chaos, full calendars & hectic routine.

I get the distinct feeling that many people are feeling the same. Speaking to associates and clients, many are experiencing unanswered emails, unreturned phone calls, missed deadlines and uncertainty. I have spent several days in the office, happily working through backlog and whizzing off work, quotes, invoices, questions, making arrangements…..and much of it is yet to be answered. At first I ponder…is it me? Then I engage some empathy and realise that so many people will be feeling like me….one foot still in the summer, one foot in the new term and a backlog to work through.

So, I have found little pockets of time to ponder for me, time to think about the next step and this is so important during this time of transition. Rather than forge ahead, unseeing, it is an ideal time to reassess, audit and refocus. I have thought about my working week, home/work balance, marketing ideas for the coming months, outside influences to make the most of etc. I have been getting creative!

Here are 4 things to think about this new term, which may help you travel through the coming weeks still being productive and clear.

  1. Look backwards: Not necessarily something I advocate in life, but it is really useful to assess what went well, what didn’t go so well and maybe some reasons. Think back to 12 moths ago – what were you trying to achieve, what were your plans? This could work out to be a pat on the back moment – which is fabulous! It may be that you feel disgruntled and have not managed what you planned. Think about whether the goal was realistic or what has thrown it off course. Think about whether fate has stepped in and actually you are on a better path now.
  2. Take time to make a vision: This is something I love to do…it is essentially time to dream and let your mind wander. Look at the big picture…that includes your life as well as work. It is so important to not separate those two elements. How is business going, yes, but how is that impacting on your life? Are you getting out of your business what you want? Where would you like to be in 12 months time? Think big and if you can, get creative….yes I mean colouring pens, big pieces of paper, pictures & fun!
  3. Make a plan: I like New Year for a plan and it is great to make bold statements in January but the little girl in me still sets a lot of store by the new school term. It is a great time to set those plans down on paper…and stick them on the wall! Make sure they are measurable, realistic and achievable….nothing like staring at over the top targets to demoralise.
  4. It is Autumn so shift a gear: If you look at your life holistically, Autumn is a time when nature starts to plan for winter, slow down and settle. I am not suggesting a holiday but I am suggesting that you go with the season and take time to be productive for the coming year but also to take time to relax in the dark evenings, take time for fresh air, good nutrition & time out with friends. The effect of working with the seasons is powerful and stops us humans thinking we are super human, but fallible folks that need to get into the flow to achieve great stuff.

I hope my little ramblings have been helpful and take a peek at my upcoming Marketing Inspiration Day if you are ready to take your vision to the next level this new term!

Emily xx