Goodbye Summer juggling…hello New Term…

I will be honest with you, summer brings mixed feelings and mixed emotions for me and it has taken a lot of trial & error to attempt some equilibrium during the summer holidays. I love working for myself & having the flexibility to hang out with my children, work out my own diary & make arrangements that are family friendly. This is a working routine I have built, worked on & treasure.

autumn term fb cover

But….oh and boy is there a but…it is my biggest challenge of the year in my working life. My kids are older now so can make their own meals, can arrange their own social lives (although not yet able to get themselves there or pay for it!) & do understand the need to let me work and answer the phone in a dignified way. However, they are there. They are in my house, sucking up broadband width, keeping the fridge empty on a rolling programme, avoiding any household routine that might help my sanity & starting each day with “what are we doing today Mum?”.

So…over time I have simply learned to step back over the summer. Many of my clients are either in the midst of their busiest time of the year and thus not in a position to work with me or they are small businesses enjoying the same juggling fun as me. I use the time to work “on my business” rather than “in my business”, I try to find some time for reflection, I try to accept that it’s ok to take my foot off the peddle & I even enjoy a fortnight of wifi free time….essential for me. This works well for me in that I am available to clients, I still work but I don’t train & I accept that September represents a new beginning.

The result is a surge of adrenaline as September approaches, a flurry of activity & even moments of “will people even remember me??”. It is exciting, tiring, scary, fun & has all the bitter sweet energy that I had in my own school days….dreaming of long hot days with loved ones while looking forward to catching up with friends & clients again & finding out all the summer gossip.


September is here, the kids are back (well one is….) & the adrenaline has started. Time for training, client meetings, a new website launch, & a fabulous networking event…and that’s just for starters!

I wish you all a fabulous September and new beginning.