3 ways to find Inspiration in your Business

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In my business I focus on celebrating, supporting & inspiring local business. It is brilliant celebrating, supporting and inspiring others but sometimes, inspiration for me can get thin on the ground. Real life takes over, being Mum, schedules, sporting activities, homework, mealtimes, working etc etc are all ways to lose inspiration of you’re not careful.

So – today I wanted to focus on inspiration. Inspiration is at the cornerstone of any business because without it you will very quickly lose momentum, flair & productivity. For me, inspiration comes in many forms….sometimes, it’s simply a spoken word from someone I chat to, or the way my garden is, a smell of cooking or maybe something on a bigger scale like a great TED talk or an amazing meeting.
Yesterday turned out to be hectic, not very productive and frustrating…so today I started the day with a long walk to get back into my zone…and wow did the countryside deliver on inspiration. I was able to clear my head and allow creative thoughts in…I got a rush of inspiration about my future which I then had to dictate into my hone there & then before it blew away in the wind! The further away I get from a corporate life, the nearer I get to remembering that I can do my business my way.
If you are struggling for inspiration in your business…or inspiration that needs refreshing and re evaluating, then I hope that these 3 ideas help. I’d love to hear about your business, so please feel free to comment below.
1. Cultivate a Daily Practice – I mentioned above about my walk this morning and, as many of you who follow me on social media will know, this is a regular activity. My pooch and I take a daily walk in and around the countryside that I love in and it is often he best thing I do all day. Sometimes it’s a trudge in the rain with my head bowed against the elements. Sometimes it’s something all together more transformative….something enlightening or inspirational. Sometimes it simply changes my mindset for the day. This is essentially one of my daily practices. Now – please don’t think I am some sort of purist who only drinks green sludge and starts each day with an hour’s silence (I wish!) – I am a realist and a Mum – but I do take time to clear my head and the magic happens when your head is less full of shopping lists and anxieties and more full of empty space….it allows in the good stuff. So, cultivate a daily practice that suits you – meditation, yoga, a swim, a walk, writing, cycling, dancing…what ever empties your brain a little to allow the good stuff in…
2. Keep on Learning – I have mentioned this in it’s many forms before in previous blogs…but it no less important when in search of inspiration. In order for your brain to get good and emptying out a little and letting the good stuff in and in order for it to stay active, agile and acute, you need to exercise it. I tend to read a lot, listen to a lot of radio and watch the occasional amazing video….I love to learn new things. I learn about other people’s businesses, how history has affected today, ways to sew (I’m still pretty pants), how the brain works, ways other people live and on and on! There will be things that light your fire too – stuff you want to know. Take a little time each day to pick up something new and enjoy the feeling that your brain is getting a little workout to help it prepare for inspiration, be ready to receive it, understand it’s significance and be ready to action it.
3. Get Creative – this is something I have come to learn a little later than many of you. Having happily labeled myself as the non creative in a family full of gardeners, jewellery makers, sewers, bakers and artists for many many years, it wasn’t until fairly recently that I began to understand that I too am creative. I create ideas, I get creative in the way I think and I love to think creatively around problems and ideas. It turns out I am creative!! Recognising your own creativity will help you become less rigid in your outlook and allow you to invigorate your brain or rest it – both are brilliant for inspiration. You may decide to take up something artistic and learn to paint/sew/draw/sculpt or you may find that you have other ways to express your inner creative. Maybe you could write a journal, blog or get brave in the way you market your business. Being creative is about allowing your mind to roam free and seeing what emerges. Choose to acknowledge and value your own creativity and give yourself chance to nurture it. You will be amazed by the way it impacts you and your business.
If you want to be inspired in your business, find out how you can work with me or how the Simply network inspires every day.