4 ways to thrive in uncertain times…

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Wow…what a weekend we have had here in the UK. For those of you who may not know, we had a referendum last Thursday and voted to leave the EU. Whichever way people voted, it is safe to say that the result has caused some turmoil, negative media, uncertainty, fear and anger. This may or may not pass soon and I am certainly not going to get into the politics right here but it reminds us that when uncertainty strikes it can quickly throw us off course.

What I have been acutely ware of this weekend, however, is the effect this kind of huge change has on small businesses and business owners. It can be incredibly difficult to focus and stay positive during times of difficulty and unease. For those of you who may have read my previous posts – 80% of your business is psychology and so if your psychology has taken a sideswipe this weekend or during other turbulent times in your life or business – how do you keep going when it is all too easy to get distracted & lost?!

Any periods of uncertainty in business can be difficult to navigate and can often lead to us getting submerged in fear, negativity, chaos and worry. All these feelings and concerns will quickly have an effect on how you function in your business, causing fear & anxiety and it is important to create a strategy to ride & thrive in the rough times.

I love this quote from Nelson Mandela which is something I look at regularly when times become uncertain and it reminds me to get my mindset straight each and every day.

Nelson Mandela Quote

So…what steps can we take when times get rough? I am sharing 4 ideas with you to hopefully set you along the right path, allowing you to function better in your business while staying positive, with a smile.

  1. Focus in on your story and journey. Remember when you started out in business and you had a set of hopes, dreams and plans about your bright new future as a business owner? Remember how you set out your plan for a better life, more income, living your passion & working your way? During tricky times it is all too easy to lose sight of these original dreams and now is the perfect time to revisit them. Take a piece of paper and write down all the things you want to achieve, all the great things in your business, the things you want to work on and most of all what you want to achieve in the future. Tony Robbins pulls this together in a great way – RPM (Result, Purpose, Map). That is to day, know the result you want from your business now! It doesn’t matter if it’s a huge result that you know may take a good few years…write it down and name it. Next, write down all the things you need to do each day, consistently and persistently to get you there. This will include you mindset and daily practice. Finally make a map…a picture of how you are going to get there. Break down your result into bite size pieces and focus on them to achieve your dreams. By focussing on your journey and not getting pulled into any outside chaos, worry or negativity, it is possible to use this time for the good.
  2. Find your tribe. It is so important that we are with people who bring positivity to our business and lives during times of uncertainty. Being with like minded people who have something positive to offer and share is a great way to help your psychology while networking with people who ‘get’ what you are doing. Join a networking group that makes you feel great, find Facebook groups that talk your talk or simply engage with your audience more so that you can surround yourself in positive and productive feedback and support.
  3. Step away from online media (at least for a while!). Now this is coming from a social media addict guys! What I would say is that during your working day it is vital to be using social media for marketing and networking purposes but it can be very easy to get sucked into more speculative stories, negative posts and distracting ideas. Drive social media to work for your business with your own positive stories, marketing and ideas…leave the rest of the ‘noise’ to others and switch off while you get creative and work.
  4. Look for inspiration. This one might sound obvious but it can often be forgotten when we have our noses to the grindstone, full of anxiety. It is so important to take a walk, take time out, read amazing blogs that fill you with confidence, hope, laughter or ideas, watch an amazing TED talk or subscribe to a positive business newsletter. To keep moving forward with purpose towards your result, you need fuel. This fuel includes good sleep, great support and inspiration.

This takes me to another quote that I simply had to share with you by Margaret Drabble….it reminds us that actually, with inspiration, time, purpose and positivity…anything is possible.

Margaret Drabble quote

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