Psychology & your business | 3 ways to improve it!

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Many a time I watch great interviews with amazing, inspirational people and icons…I love to find what their thoughts are on business, psychology & the human condition. I am inspired by many but often return to Oprah, Tony Robbins & Elisabeth Gilbert to name some of the best known.

The reason I do this is because it is all so easy to lose your way when you run your own business. It is so easy to get lost, flat, muddled, overwhelmed, too busy, stressed and so on. So I loved an interview I saw recently with Tony Robbins about what running your own business boils down to….and here is what he said….

80% of running your own business is psychology.

This really struck a chord with me – because he was confirming what I thought just applied to me! Getting your head into the right space to do your business is at the centre of it all. For me, and I am sure many of you, the best start to each day for me is to get my head right before I even look at my to do list.

This way I am able to function in my business better, get more done, stay focussed longer and reduce my stress levels. For me, the whole point of running my own business was to reduce the stress I had experienced in the corporate world, to remain flexible for my family and to get up each day doing something that I loved. Unfortunately, I assumed simply leaving the corporate world behind and going for it would be enough. Not so…

I don’t mind admitting that I hadn’t appreciated how much of my own psychology would impact on the business and how much effort it can take to keep things on even footing.  I have found that daily routines and mindful methods work for me and I wanted to share three great ways to keep the psychology of your business positive.

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  1. Daily Practice – so many of the business gurus and inspirational people I watch, read and listen to talk about daily rituals and habits making such a difference to business. This might be meditation, a walk, swimming, mindfulness techniques, quite time or any number of other practices that suits you. The key is, however, is that it is daily and consistent – a practice that  allows you to start the day with clarity & calm. For me, it’s all about nature. I start each day with a walk with my dog – it takes me from hectic Mum mode to calmer, clearer business mode.
  2. Your own Purpose – when you have come from a corporate career or employed career it is so easy to continue the same habits that we have always known – one of which is start the day by checking your emails! I now avoid this like the plague. I find that if I start with emails, I get sucked into dealing with tasks and other people’s queries and questions and before I know it it’s 2.30 in the afternoon and I still haven’t achieved anything I wanted to do! Start the day with your purpose for the day. What result do you want for your day? Make that your focus and deal with your admin a little later when your main purpose has got under way or been completed. This way get to be the master of your day and not the demands of others.
  3. Self Care – for me this has been a steep learning curve. If you simply throw yourself into work at the same pace and vigour that you did in your employed work you will simply burn out. Your business is you and in order to stay in it for the long haul, healthy, positive and focussed, you have to put yourself first. However, as a self employed person, this can seem unbelievably luxurious. Plot into your week, time for time off. If you were employed, you would have time off and you would take it as earned. Have time each week – even if it’s only an afternoon, when you are simply away from work. Turn off your emails, auto respond and stay away from social media. You will come back stronger, clearer and with more focus.

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