One step at a time….

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The last few weeks have taught me much, not least the art of patience and trust. Running your own business can be a rollercoaster, full of all the thrills of the ups and the gut wrenching blows of the drops.

During tricky times, I listen to inspirational speakers, influencers and music to help me reconnect with myself and remind myself why I am a business owner rather than an employee. One of the most key bits of advice I have heard and read over and over, is to simply keep going. To plod forward, re aligning to your dream, or as a fabulous supporter, Carrie from Female Entrepreneur Association said recently, your North Star.

Over the last few days, I have been re aligning, looking back over plans, re connecting with what I planned to do because some things have gone blurry of late and got muddled.

This issue comes up so many times with clients….the problem of consistency. When marketing their services and products, they often feel underwhelmed by the response to what they offer and┬ádespondent when things don’t go as they thought.

The answer is simple…take each day at a time. Start the day with a clear head and focus on your key strategy and core focus and NEVER underestimate the need to repeat your message a million times! Do one thing that you future self will thank you for….