How are you planning to keep up?

So when I talk to clients about digital marketing – very rarely do I hear that they feel they have it sorted, that they are ahead of the game or totally in control of their plan…

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It isn’t because my clients are not doing a great job, it’s because life takes over, business gets busy and digital marketing changes ALL THE TIME!!

However, marketing is at the centre of ay business and digital marketing should be your cornerstone to getting clients. Taking time out to learn new skills, brush up on your knowledge or simply sharing best practice is as important as doing your books & delivering great service.

So…3 top ways to stay in front…

  1. Sign up to a great blog or newsletter – this is such an easy first step to getting new information. Pick one that isn’t too technical and that focusses on digital marketing for your type of business and you will be able to learn something new on the go.
  2. Schedule time – this may sound crazy or obvious but few of us do it. We put aside time for the boys, time for meetings, time for our website but we also need to schedule in time to stay ahead. Call it your professional development time & block it out at the beginning of each month.
  3. Get some training – this is about investing in your future or even better you might find some free training. If you were still employed, you would get this time and take it for granted, but when we run our own businesses it begins to feel like a luxury.


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