3 Ways To Be Visual & Be Visible!

Now – it isn’t rocket science to say that using images as part of your marketing content is a good idea but the evidence now shows that creating great visual content is absolutely central to great social media marketing. As the proverb says “a picture speaks a thousand words”.

Visual Content for Marketing

So…on the eve of my Instagram your Business workshop, I thought I would share 3 fabulous ways to make your visual content WOW!

  1. Get the measurements right! This may sounds obvious and daft but many a time I have seen pixelated & out of focus images as posts on social media. Quality is so important here…using your smartphone is fine but make sure that everything is in focus. If necessary use something like PicMonkey.com to resize your images properly before you upload them.
  2. Tell a story! Don’t just post images of things directly related to your business but also think around what you do. For example, you own a gift shop and you regularly post images of your products…but mix things up and tell a story by including the fun image of a happy customer or the cat that wandered into the shop or even a selfie of you opening up on a sunny day. Find you story and tell it with pictures.
  3. Create a look. To add to your brand identity, create images with a common theme. You might always include your logo or you may often post in black and white or with a frosted edge. Whatever your look, you want your fans to recognise you in an instant and engage withy our post every time.

I hope the ideas have inspired you. Join me for a workshop or even some one to one support to help you create visibility in your business.