The Power of Story

Whenever I am working with clients or training, there is hardly a time when I don’t talk “story”. It plays a crucial role in all marketing and is what connects you to your customers. This story may be deeply personal – your journey to being a business owner that resonates with your audience or it may simply be your tone of voice and the “why” in your business.

feel your attitude

As humans we haven’t really changed for thousands of years…we still want to be connected, part of a gang, in relationship, be listened to. To gain clients, customers and an audience that is loyal and committed to what you do, you have to have a connection and story is the key to that.

Not only does your story create a tone of voice, a narrative & great content, but it also helps your audience feel something or connect to a feeling that they already have. This isn’t wishy washy thinking…we all know the Christmas ads on TV each year. Those ads tell us nothing about the price of turkeys but everything about their story and how it connects with ours.

To find our more about developing your story and how to use it to best effect for your business, get in touch or join a training session….this is where the fun starts!

Emily x