3 ways to grow a Facebook fan base…

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Facebook Likes


From the 12th of March, Facebook are planning to remove likes from inactive Facebook accounts which may result in some pages seeing a reduction in their overall likes.

This is not time to panic but it is time to think carefully about how to get more likes and grow your fan base on Facebook. You must ensure that the people who follow your page are the best people to help your business grow.

Here are 3 ways to get a great fan base to grow your business:

1. You must be exactly what you say you are on Facebook. Authenticity is ever more important in a world where your audience are bombarded every day by people wanting to sell to them. Make a plan that your whole pages “speaks” of your brand and ethos. Your audience will trust you and look out for your posts – and better that that – they are more likely to engage.

2. Make the read  good one! Great content is crucial to the success of your page. Your content must be relevant, engaging and look wow! This way your existing fans will love you and engage more but even better – they will SHARE your content with friends…doing your marketing work for you.

3. Use Page Promotion and Post Boosting carefully to gain the right kind of fans. If you are offering baby products for 1st time mums, you need to make sure you target not only those women, but their mums, friends and colleagues (who buy gifts!). Also, when you add “interests” to your audience targeting, be sure to add other hobbies and interests your audience might have that may have only a tenuous relationship with your product. For example, first time mums will be interested in baby products but may also be interested in baking, sport or gardening. Focus in on your ideal audience and speak to them.

Good luck and make contact if you need one to one help today.

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