3 boosting ideas for your Facebook Page


I often get asked by clients if Facebook is no longer a useful social media platform to use for their business. Facebook pages don’t get seen by anyone anymore right? They are only trying to force businesses to pay to use them when we get free use of other social platforms! As with all things there is a flip side to these views. The changes to Facebook means that you can now target your message to the right people – no longer shouting into the wind and hoping for the best! You also don’t need to spend large amounts of money. Facebook is still very much a key platforms for business and can make a huge impact on your business. Here are 3 ideas to help you through the boosting maze of Facebook!

1. Boost or not to boost? Boosting is a way of paying for your posts to be seen by the audience you choose. This ensures you can make your posts go further and be seen by those who will best engage with those posts creating real impact.

2. Promoting your Page. As well as boosting individual posts, you can also promote your page as a whole. You can choose to either create a campaign to grow your page likes or to drive more people to visit your website. Choose the right audience and the best times of the week for that audience and spend small amounts of money at times when you need it most.

3. So when?! When you promote and boost, you will get some residual kick back when the spending stops with increased activity rates and better engagement. Choose to boost your big impact posts e.g. competitions, new products, key testimonials, exciting news. You don’t need to spend much money – just £3 per day for a few days will make a difference and help you find out what works best for your business. Promote your page for small chunks of time and try different times of the week to find your best engagement, thinking all the time what you outcome needs to be – more likes for your page or more traffic to your website?

You can get one to one training and support for your business or attend a workshop to get you started – just check out this website or email hello@simplystaffordshire.co.uk for more information.

Good Luck folks!

Emily x

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