5 ways to reset your social media mindset.

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I have had a busy start to the year, including delivering workshops around Google +, LinkedIn & marketing strategy. The feedback I get from clients is that they can learn the “how to” of social media but how it fits into their business plan, marketing strategy and, more importantly, their daily lives is much more tricky. Many feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the ever changing world of online marketing. So…here are 5 things to help you reset your social media mindset to positive!

  1. Plan – you need to get used to planning your social media posting each month. Think about what you need to promote, areas of your business that need exposure, new services you want to launch and so on. Make a note for roughly the type of message you want to impart each week so that you have this in mind when you are out and about or have inspiration moments. This will keep your central message on track and ensure your posting has purpose.
  2. Get the right hardware – long gone are the days when you made a cuppa, put the PC on and sat down to “do social media” in one go. Not many of us have the time to schedule that specific time in and you are guaranteed to have nothing to say when you get there. Invest in a great smartphone or tablet with a great camera and decent contract for 3G/4G and you a good to go wherever you are. Start to weave posting into your every day life so that you can catch those great pics of you with a client, a view of your holiday place at sunrise, share that link you just spotted on Twitter, respond to posts immediately etc.
  3. Schedule – if you are happy posting each day with your snazzy hardware then that’s great but the reality is that you are likely to have days when that is simply not possible. You may be away, with customers all day or simply snowed under. If you have important information to share then use scheduling software to ensure that those posts go out at the optimum time. A platform like Hootsuite will work well for many of you. Word of warning though – make sure scheduled posts are information only type and not asking questions or initiating conversation – you won’t be there to engage!
  4. Don’t get paralysis by analysis – it is all to easy to be overwhelmed about where to get started. You are in your business every day and it is sometimes hard to have something interesting to say. Simply return to your plan and go over what you need to talk about that week and make your posting simple. Simply posting some gorgeous archive images or links to new information on your website will see you through your writer’s block.
  5. Enjoy it! Social media is the the fun part of your marketing plan. You have spent so much time on the potentially tedious bits of your business – the business plan for the funding application, the tax return, the stock take etc – but now you can get your creative juices flowing and enjoy some chat, networking, photo taking & sharing.


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