3 top targets for your business in 2015

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Top 3 tasks for 2015
Top 3 tasks for 2015

I am in the process of putting together a masterclass about creating a Marketing Strategy for 2015 and it occurred to me that we are bombarded with tips and ideas at this time of year and it can be difficult to pull out the best things for your business.

Many of you will need to take many actions this year to help you business grow but I have whittled them down to the top 3 for New Year planning. These will give you the key starting points from which to grow business and enjoy success this year.

  1. Grow your Email List! This is crucial if you are going to build your relationship with existing customers and find new ones to sell your new services and products to. You can plan anything for your business but you always need an audience to tell. Consider a platform like Mailchimp to create easy sign up forms to share on your website, social platforms and even QR codes on your leaflets.
  2. Nail your Social Media in 2015! This is the year to do social media well! Without a social media platform on which to engage, listen and share on you are simply in the dark ages in terms of your audience. If you are a beginner or nervous, choose just one or two and learn the skills you need to do them well. Don’t forget you can capture more emails for your newsletter list here too.
  3. Blog! I know exactly how easy it is to neglect a blog – feeling like I have deadlines and no inspiration…but it is the perfect way to update information and stay dynamic in Google search. Google loves new stuff and so adding a blogroll on your relatively static website will mean Google will notice you are authentic, current and ever changing.

For help and support to make 2015 memorable for your business, please email emily@simplystaffordshire.co.uk or comment so that I can sign post you to training and help.

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