10 ways to create a great newsletter!


Emailing customers or future customers can sometimes feel so fraught with obstacles that we put if off, avoid it or just do it badly. When you are running a small business, finding time to create an attractive, informative newsletter that will drive readers to the right place seems to be a week’s worth of stress. BUT, writing a great newsletter, regularly can be the key to finding new customers, engaging your audience and growing you business. Here is a quick check list of what you MUST NOT forget:

  1. Capture data (email addresses) whenever you can – and legally!
  2. Use branded templates every time to create continuity
  3. Create great content – be interesting!
  4. Test your emails before you send
  5. Target messages to specific groups
  6. Make your newsletter easily shareable
  7. Don’t overload your reader’s in boxes
  8. Fill your newsletter with links to great places
  9. Think about your title!
  10. Get support from an expert to start on the right road
Writing your newsletter needn’t be tricky or time consuming and making a note somewhere everytime you have a good idea to pass to your audience…then there will be no head scratching when you your start to write!
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Have fun!


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